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Suzhou Famous Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Suzhou Famous Machinery Co., Ltd.


Suzhou Famous Machinery Co., Ltd. Profile

Company Details
Business Type Manufacturer
No. of Employees 11 - 50
Year Established 2021
Export p.c < 10%
Business Type Manufacturer
Country / Region Jiangsu, China
Main Products plastic shredder, plastic crusher, plastic recycling machine, plastic pelletizing machine, plastic extrusion machine
Total Employees 11 - 50 People
Year Established 2021

SUZHOU FAMOUS MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is located in the national civilized city-Zhangjiagang, it's near the golden waterway of Yangtze River, only 2 hours from Shanghai Pudong airport by car. It covers an area of 50000 square meters, with two machinery workshop. It's a modernized manufacturing enterprise with machinery, product and technology together.
FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY held the mission "turn plastic waste into profit, and make it industrialization", vigorously develop circular economy, We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing the high technology plastic recycling machinery. Our factory has a history of 60 years of equipment processing and experienced engineers which will ensure the quality for you;
Our main products machinery are at below: 1- Waste PET Recycling Line used to washing the waste PET bottles into clean PET flakes complete line; 2- Waste Plastic Film, Woven bags/Jumbo bags recycling washing line; 3- Plastic granulator line with different model can used for the waste plastic Film, PP woven bags, Jumbo bags, waste PSF/POY textile and fabric, Nylon and for hard plastics such as PE, PP, PET, PS, ABS, EPS, XPS, etc. 4- Plastic Shredder Machinery include the Single Shaft Shredder Machine, Double/Four Shaft Shredder Machine, Twin Roller Shredder Machine; 5- Plastic Crushers: PET bottle crusher, PPPE film crusher, PIPE crusher. 6- Milling Machine: PVC milling machine, PE milling machine, WOOD milling machine. 7- Plastic Mixer: PVC mixer, PE mixer, Wood Plastic Mixer; 8- EPS Foam material recycling machine which includes EPS hot melting machine, EPS compacting machine, EPS crusher. 9- Auxiliary Machine: Agglomeration Machine, Plastic Film Squeezer, Plastic film squeezing pelletizer machine, etc.
SUZHOU FAMOUS MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machine in China. With a scientific progressive conception of rapid introduction, we make our machinery cover all over the overseas market.
We have been producing our goods with mature techniques and first-class
quality. We have our own machining factory, so we are able to offer solutions for the recycling of most recyclable materials.

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